Latest Employer Mandate + New York, News

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Avoid Myopia While Maneuvering The ACA Employer Mandate
14-114 (to be argued March 10, 2015), will effectively exempt them from employer mandate taxes to be assessed in 2016 against large employers that failed to offer affordable, qualifying coverage to all full-time employees in 2015. They shouldn't stare …
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Employers Should Resist Urge To Mandate Vaccinations
Law360, New York (June 4, 2015, 4:10 PM ET) — Employers regularly find themselves faced with the threat of communicable diseases like SARS, the H1N1 virus, measles or even a particularly virulent flu strain, and they often wonder if they should …
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Latest Affordable Health Care + New Mexico News

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50th anniversary report examines Medicaid in New Mexico
She adds the Affordable Care Act, which led to Medicaid expansion in New Mexico and many other states, may be the most significant change in the program's history. She says it expanded a program that was previously limited by income thresholds and …
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Martin O'Malley: Give health care to illegals
Democratic presidential candidate Martin O'Malley's new immigration plan would extend Obamacare privileges to illegal immigrants, including those here under President Obama's deportation amnesty, allowing them to use their own money to buy in the …
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Latest Employer Mandate + Virginia News

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5 things to know about upcoming US Supreme Court ruling on Obamacare
This would also affect the employer mandate to provide health insurance for employees or pay a fine — the penalty only applies if the employee receives a subsidy. If people are no longer eligible for subsidies, then employers won't have to pay penalties.
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Police Can't Confirm Alleged University of Virginia Rape
Police in Charlottesville, Va. said Monday that they have found no evidence to support assertions in a Rolling Stone magazine article last year that a student at the University of Virginia had been gang raped at one of the school's fraternities. “We're …
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Latest ObamaCare + Utah News

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Op-ed: Healthy Utah is still Obamacare and should be rejected
For instance, the first point most often made in support of Healthy Utah is a blanket, unqualified statement about not liking Obamacare or thinking the ACA is a bad law. But, as the Congressional Research Service notes, a functional Healthy Utah …
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Obamacare Bureaucrats Reject 'Laboratory of Democracy' Experiments in
Recently, Utah proposed adding job search requirements, for instance, as part of expanding Medicaid access. However, the administration refused to go along. Pennsylvania policymakers also proposed a mandatory “work/job-search requirement,” on welfare …
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Five Years Later, Legacy Of Financial Overhaul Still Being Weighed
"And just like Obamacare, Dodd-Frank has left us with fewer choices, higher costs and less freedom," Hensarling said. "It's evident that Dodd-Frank has made us less prosperous and less free. If we want strong economic growth, more freedom, and an end …
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Bill would bar Arkansas from establishing state-run insurance exchange

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Bill would bar Arkansas from establishing state-run insurance exchange
Legislation enacted in 2013 created the Arkansas Health Insurance Marketplace Board, which is charged with transitioning the state to a state-run exchange. In September, the board voted to to seek to set up a state-run exchange for small businesses in …
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States Take Few Steps to Fill Gap if Supreme Court Blocks Health Subsidies
WASHINGTON — As the Supreme Court prepares to rule on whether to block health insurance subsidies in 34 states that use the federal insurance exchange, Pennsylvania and Delaware are the best prepared. They have submitted detailed plans for creating …
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Arkansas Town Frets About Losing a Courthouse, and an Identity
Mississippi County, which Judge Carney said plans to stage a public vote on the proposal next year, is hardly the first county to consider putting a courthouse out of business. But such proposals often provoke more controversy than local officials expect.
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Latest Employer Mandate + Nebraska, News

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County expects thousands of property value protests
Copious rain has forced on-again, off-again planting schedules in many areas of Nebraska, as well as washed out seeds and flooded fields. Read more … Agena himself is unhappy with the 8 percent ag-land increases mandated by the state. And he is …
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'K2 crisis' shows Nebraska needs new approach to synthetic marijuana, lawmaker
Nebraska law currently treats synthetic marijuana the same as regular marijuana: Anyone caught with an ounce or less faces a $ 300 fine and drug counseling the first time, up to five days in jail and a $ 400 fine the second time; and up to seven days in …
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Ethanol backers swarm EPA in K.C.
A number of farmers and other Nebraska advocates for renewable energy were among hundreds demonstrating or testifying in Kansas City. Among them … Oil industry groups also attended, and they are happy the EPA proposed scaling back the mandate.
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Latest ObamaCare + Colorado News

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Universal Healthcare Expert to Visit Oregon, Tout Single Payer Plan
Advocates in Colorado will put a measure on the 2016 ballot. Though the Affordable Care Act, better known as Obamacare, was intended to get every American insured, the Congressional Budget Office predicts 31 million people will still be uninsured as of …
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Free Birth-Control Programs Work. That's Why Conservatives Want to Kill Them.
Obamacare requires that insurance plans cover birth control without a copay, but you either have to buy the insurance or earn it as an employment benefit in order to get that coverage. A lot of the women and girls who are eligible for the Colorado …
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Chain Restaurants Look Forward to Reform of Health Care Law

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Chain Restaurants Look Forward to Reform of Health Care Law
“NCCR opposed the ACA when it was passed by Congress and we still do. The ACA's employer mandate and unique coverage requirements inflicts negative impacts and unworkable costs on chain restaurants and its thousands of small business franchisees …
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Ex-prosecutor sues DOJ, U.S. attorney for NE, alleges sex discrimination
A former federal prosecutor has alleged she was discriminated against because she's a woman and retaliated against while working under the U.S. attorney for Nebraska. In a federal lawsuit filed Friday, Jill Finken accuses the U.S. Justice Department, …
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Latest ObamaCare + Kentucky News

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Kentucky grants another Obamacare extension
Missed the Obamacare deadline? Kentucky officials announced Tuesday that you may have another opportunity to sign up for coverage. Gov. Steve Beshear said a "special enrollment period," for those unaware they face tax penalties for not having insurance …
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New political committee backed by Republican Governors Association takes root
Conway supported Obama on cap and trade; it's been called a national energy tax that could kill thousands of Kentucky jobs and hike our utility rates. Conway supported Obamacare, stating he would have been proud to vote for it. Though a copy of the …
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Comer breaks with field on 'Obamacare,' unveils plan to live with 'rule of law'
LOUISVILLE — While proclaiming President Barack Obama's health care law "the worst piece of legislation in my lifetime," Kentucky gubernatorial candidate James Comer unveiled a health care policy platform Monday that assumes "Obamacare" will be the …
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Latest Group Health Plans + New Carolina, News

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Ongoing International Drive delays trigger petition; environmentalists
Felicia Soto and her husband Luis bought a home along S.C. 90 seven years ago under the premise that International Drive would be paved by 2013 to allow for easier access between S.C. 90 and Carolina Forest. … Ongoing delays in getting the 5.6-mile …
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